We are an intellectual property consultant firm established in 1 June 2014 trading under Global IP Ventures PLT. Since then we have migrated to Global Intellectual Property Ventures Sdn Bhd since 1 June 2020 with primary purpose of being the driving force behind Malaysia’s push towards establishing an innovation economy and the country’s aspiration of achieving a high-income nation status. 

We specialize in intellectual Property commercialisation, protecting clients innovation, establishing technology transfer office, Intellectual Property Education and have vast experience in drafting Intellectual Property and Commercialization Policy and licensing agreements. We guide, assist and hand hold infant technology transfer offices till they are become independent.

We offer detailed and individual advice for protecting your ideas, innovations, complex developments and know how. We are pleased to support our clients in obtaining such protection by means of patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents in Malaysia and outside Malaysia.

The firm advises and represents global players, small and medium sized companies and universities from Malaysia, Asia, and Europe for protecting their intellectual property and know how. The areas of practice include drafting, filing, prosecuting, defending and enforcing of intellectual property rights, in particular patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents

We assist government and Universities to draft their Intellectual Property blueprint and at the same time we work hand in hand with government in drafting their intellectual property policy and Intellectual Property Commercialisation Policy. We  conduct courses for Certified Technology Transfer Professionals  with ISO 17024 certification