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Global Intellectual Property Ventures Sdn Bhd is an ISO 17024 Accredited leading Intellectual Property (IP) firm in Malaysia that provides comprehensive services related to IP management, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and litigation. The company provides a wide range of services to clients, including corporations, universities, research organizations, and individuals. The company is committed to providing innovative solutions to help clients protect their intellectual property and achieve their business goals.


Our mission is to help clients protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property. We believe in providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether they are corporations, universities, research organizations, or individuals. We strive to provide excellent customer service and build long-term relationships with our clients.


Our vision is to be a leading Intellectual Property firm known for our expertise, innovation, and outstanding customer service. We aim to help our clients achieve their business goals by protecting their intellectual property and providing them with strategic advice and support.


Excellence: We strive to provide excellent customer service and build long-term relationships with our clients.

Expertise: We are dedicated to developing and maintaining expertise in all areas of Intellectual Property law.

Integrity: We conduct our business with integrity and professionalism, always putting our clients’ interests first.

Collaboration: We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Meet Our Qualified Management Team

Dr Raguraman Gurusamy

Dr Raguraman Gurusamy

CEO and Founder of Global Intellectual Property Ventures Sdn Bhd and holds a Doctorate in Law Majoring Intellectual Property. . Dr Raguraman represented Malaysia in many Intellectual Property negotiation in international level such as TRIPs, Free Trade Agreement (MUFTA) and Licensing agreement on behalf of the government
Ms Sangeetha Visvalingam

Ms Sangeetha Visvalingam

An accomplished leader with legal and business acumen offering 18 years of proven experience in management roles with legal and business strategy, operations and account/contract management background and qualifications. Experience in leading large teams > 80. Self-motivated professional, skilled at negotiating contracts, reviewing and drafting contracts, retaining customer, revenue growth, risk evaluation business expansion, and closing sophisticated commercial deals locally & internationally.
Mr. Greame Coomberl

Mr. Greame Coomberl

Consultant/ Advisor
Graeme has over 25 years innovation, international managerial, marketing and business development experience working in Australia, the USA, S.E. Asia, and Europe. He has extensive company and start-up experience and wide knowledge of international markets and trade borne out of first-hand experience. Graeme has been involved in innovation related activities for over fifteen years, both as a practitioner as well as a consultant. Graeme has a deep knowledge of local issues related to technology, commercial development, education and finance. Graeme's recent role with Stanford Research International of Menlo Park, USA, as Head of Innovation Business Development exposed him to many of the issues and challenges facing countries and companies in SE Asia, Australia and the Middle East


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