Our Services

Patent Drafting

Professional patent drafting is key for when you want your company to benefit the most from your inventions. Outsourcing to a professional firm will make the difference between a valuable patent and a completely useless one.

Trademark Filing

Designing and creating your dream trademark symbolize the heart and soul of your brands identity. This particular mark will be the front line of your business. Proper trademark protection is vital to safe guard your brand within all territory where you hope to establish a strong business.

Copyright Registration

With copyright laws varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, we provide a uniquely international approach to copyright matters. Working in all areas of copyright of software, video games, websites, promotional materials, books, films, TV programmes, music and apps. We help clients maximize their protection and exploitation of copyright and defend against infringement claims.

IP Consulting

We cater for walk in client and at the same we do meet our clients at their site We provide advisory and consultation. IP Consultation is vital for companies who wants to protect their intangible assets. We are mobile. Make an appointment meet us in our office or we will can make arrangement to meet you at site.

IP Due Diligence

IP due diligence is a legal exercise wherein skilled IP counsel defines, examines and analyses an IP portfolio of a target company, either offensively (to purchase or in-license) or defensively (to sell or out-license).

Intellectual Property and Commercialization Policy

Identifying and creating IP, and bringing research results to the next stage of development, have become institutional objectives for many universities, research institutions and enterprises in this context, an institutional IP policy is a prerequisite for successful collaboration between academia and commercialization partners.

Technology Transfer / Commercialization

Commercialization is the process of turning products and services into a commercially viable value. Concerning Intellectual Property (IP), this term can be more specifically defined as the process of bringing IP to the market in view of future profits and business growth

Asia Intellectual Property Academy (AIPA)

AIPA, with the collaboration of couple of leading Institute of Higher learning, we couch and train IP personnel to be IP experts and Certified technology Transfer Professional. Our trainers are from all over the world. Currently due to pandemic we are conducting all our programmes online.