Technology Transfer

Businesses own intellectual property assets that they have either generated or acquired. Intellectual property is generated by the business when it is created by the business itself through its owner or workers. A business may also acquire intellectual property assets from inventors or from another business to work it out and make profits. Although intellectual property is intangible, it remains property. As such, it may be sold, leased, licensed, assigned or tendered as security for a loan. These acts fall under what is generally termed “intellectual property commercialization”. This term is taken to mean the process of bringing intellectual property assets to the market for it to be exploited and yield business profits and growth. There are various intellectual property commercialization vehicles. Choosing one or the other depends on the type of intellectual property whose commercialization is sought as well as on other numerous factors. 

We specialize in intellectual property monetization. We work with the quintuple helix community to bridge the valley of death. We work with our international partners to market the intangible asset