Trademark Filing

Designing and creating your dream trademark symbolize the heart and soul of your brands identity. This particular mark will be the front line of your business. Proper trademark protection is vital to safe guard your brand within all territory where you hope to establish a strong business. 

Filing a trademark with the guide of Intellectual Property professionals from Global Intellectual Property Ventures helps mitigate the likely hood of mistakes or future opposition. You can concentrate on developing your business while we take care of your trademark filing. We will deal with this matter efficiently and cost effective – we can also take assist you in licensing.




We will assist you in conducting a trademark availability search before we go ahead filing a trademark to avoid any costly surprise or challenges 

We offer a very reasonable price and a quick filing and regular updates on the status of your pending trademark registration

There are many options for filing a trademark, within the country and international filing. Our advisors will advise you on the suitable protection in any jurisdiction

The trademark application process varies based on the nation or region in which you are seeking